Neah Bay Underwater Photo Gallery

Underwater photo gallery with pictures from Neah Bay and the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary.   Please click on any photo to see a larger version.

China Rockfish at Waddah Island Tiger Rockfish at Waddah Island Black Rockfish at Waddah Island Basket Star and Diver at Slant Rock Tiger Rockfish at Waddah Island Black Rockfish and Diver at Duncan Rock Menacing Ling Cod at Waddah Island Male Kelp Greenling at Waddah Island Kelp and Sunshine at Mushroom Rock Rose Anemone at Sea Lion Rock, Tatoosh Island Rose Anemone at Slant Rock, Neah Bay Diver and Kelp at Slant Rock, Neah Bay Ling Cod and Kelp Greenling, Neah Bay False Ochre Star, Bag Ball Bay Divers examine Kelp Holdfast, Mushroom Rock China Rockfish and Tiger Rockfish, Slant Rock Black Rockfish and Kelp, Bag Ball Bay Rose Anemones, Slant Rock Stimpson's Sun Star and Nipple Sponge Canary Rockfish, Slant Rock, Neah Bay Rose Anemone, Tatoosh Island Common Basket Star, Slant Rock Longnose Skate, Waddah Island Glorious Day for a Dive, Neah Bay

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