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Wolf Eels

I  just had to try my hand at Underwater Photography, so I rented an Underwater Camera (a Sea & Sea MX-10) and tried taking a few pictures.  This was in the Winter in icy Cold, cold Puget Sound.  It's much, much harder than it looks, but here is the very first shot I ever clicked underwater:

Right as we dropped into the water (New Year's Eve Day), we spotted this free-swimming wolf eel, and snapped a quick picture.  Fortunately, taking pictures with an MX-10 is pretty brain-dead.  You just "point" and "shoot".

Several pictures had a lot of backscatter in them from the flash being so close to the camera, but if you get at just the right distance, they turn out pretty good.  There are lots of beautiful colors in Puget Sounds dark waters, but I was having a hard time getting them caught on film:

There is a cute "Painted Greenling" on the left of this picture, and one of the hundreds of Sea Cucumbers that you see all over the sound.  Notice the colors of the sponges, etc on the rocks.  Most people are surprised by the colorful fish and invertebrates they find in the Sound.

When I had the roll of film developed, I was amazed at the beautiful colors that came out of our murky waters.  I was truly hooked too, and began heavily researching underwater cameras.  After talking to everyone I know that had ever taken a picture underwater, I bought an Olympus Digital camera and a Light and Motion Tetra Housing.