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Puget Sound Fish Gallery

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China Rockfish Crescent Gunnel Decorated Warbonnet Decorated Warbonnet Dover Sole Blackeye Goby  Grunt Sculpin Grunt Sculpin Puget Sound Rockfish Female Kelp Greenling Male Kelp Greenling Longnose Skate Longfin Sculpin Longspine Combfish Tiger Rockfish Ling Cod Menacing Ling Cod Photo Copper Rockfish Canary Rockfish Painted Greenling  Pygmy Poacher Red Irish Lord Photo Black Rockfish Brown Rockfish Sailfin Sclupin Sailfin Sculpin ScalyHead Sculpin Snake Prickleback Striped SeaPerch Sturgeon Poacher Sturgeon Poacher Vermillion Rockfish Yellowtail Rockfish Wolf Eel Ratfish

Puget Sound is home to many varieties of colorful and entertaining fish species.  Please click on the thumb nailed images above to visit individual pages dedicated to these amazing fish.