China Rockfish Pictures

The China Rockfish (Sebastes Nebulosus) is a veryChina Rockfish off of Neah Bay distinctive rockfish that is found near open ocean waters from Alaska to Northern California.  Usually a solitary fish, with the characteristic Yellow Nike Swoosh and black body make this an easy fish to identify.   Sometimes confused with copper rockfish in the and around Puget Sound, this species is only found very close to open ocean and never inside Puget Sound.

Chinas can grow as large as 18", but are more typically around 12" or less.  They were a very popular commercial fishery during the 19th and early part of this century, where they fetched twice the price of any other species of rockfish due to their very tasty flesh.  The name China Rockfish actually came from the preference that Chinese immigrants in California had for the fish.

This species typically feeds on brittle stars, crustaceans and chitons.  They tend to hang upside down in crevices and caves, often keeping to a very small territory that may be only 35'.  Always a good find for underwater photographers, they may be approached quite closely if you take your time.

Neah Bay and Port Hardy are your best bet for seeing the distinctive China Rockfish.

China Rockfish at Waddah Island, Neah Bay