Car Wash Cenote Blind Cave Eel, Luke's Hope Cenote

Cave Diving Photos from Mexico's Riviera Maya

The most beautiful and highly decorated underwater caves in the world can be found on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.  If you look at a map, you'll find no rivers at all on the surface, they all flow underground, through the limestone bedrock.  They are fed by the rain in the interior, which slowly makes it way to the Caribbean Sea in the east.

 For an Underwater Photographer, capturing the stunning beauty of those caves is one of the most challenging and difficult things that I have ever done.  The water is often crystal clear, but the pitch blackness makes even focusing the camera tough.  I do hope that you enjoy the results, check out the galleries below.

Underwater Cave Diving Photos Galleries:

Blue Abyss and the Tuhs Xubaxa Aktun (Tux Kapaxa system) near Chemuyil, Mexico.

Chan Hol Cenote, part of the Toh Ha system.

Cuzan Nah Photos from the Sac Aktun Cave System

Jailhouse Cenote, downstream Mukanl Siphon, Naranjal System

Nohoch Nah Chich

Room of Tears Photos from Car Wash

Sac Be Ha Cenote, Sistema Toh Ha

The Pit at Dos Ojos

Tam Hol Cenote, part of the Tux Kapaxa System.

Dos Palmas Photos from the Dos Ojos system.

Taj Mahal Cavern Photos

Cave Diving System Trip Reports:

Aktun Koh

Dos Ojos

Car Wash and the Room of Tears

Sac Aktun and the Cuzanah Loop.