Ferry Dock

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Fox Island Ferry Dock

The old Fox Island Ferry Landing at 9th and Fox Drive used to be a very popular shore dive. Unfortunately, the site has been fenced off so there is no longer any shore access.  Bottle hunters and muck divers can still access this site by boat.  Its less than a mile from the Wollochet boat ramp, and is a nice, easy, shallow dive that makes a great second dive after diving the Fox Island Bridge or the East Wall.

The visibility at this site is usually pretty marginal, but it is a very easy dive and you never know what you are going to find.  On our last dive here, we spotted a large nermertin ribbon worm (Tubulanus sexlineatus), which is only the second one I have seen in 7 years of diving.  Huge schools of tube snouts followed us around the site as we went from piling to piling, admiring the huge anemones and crabs.

Location:  GPS coordinates for this site are:  47 15.52' N   122 37.23' W

You'll have to dig, or swim way out to get much deeper than about 40'.  Currents are generally mild and manageable here, but I'd avoid the site during a huge exchange.  Tie your boat up to one of the many pilings, fly a dive flag, and as Doc used to say, "have a dive circus!"

Skill Level:  Novice