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Boeing Creek

Cushion Star PhotoBoeing Creek Reef is one of many artificial reefs created by the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife as a habitat enhancement project for rockfish.  The reef was constructed by dropping large piles of rocks and concrete slabs from an old bridge on bottom just off of the outlet to Boeing Creek (North of Seattle).  This site makes an excellent boat dive and could probably also be done from shore as the reef begins in shallow water only about 200' from shore.

The sandy bottom at this site slopes steeply from a peaked sand dune in about 20' of water to well over 100' deep.  The majority of the large rocks and slabs are found between 45' and 75' to the North of the creek outlet.   The bridge over the creek serves as a good landmark for boat captains that are looking for this dive site. 

Kelp Greenling MaleCurrents are this site are moderate, but will be present during a large exchange.  Taking turns and doing a live boat pickup can make this site diveable almost any time the weather cooperates.  The dive site is very exposed to a southwesterly wind and will develop large waves if the wind is blowing strongly out of the south.  Pick a sunny day with moderate winds and you'll be rewarded with a magical tour along a bright sandy bottom as you navigate your way amongst scattered boulders while admiring the stunning collection of critters.

We often spot lots of nudibranchs, greenlings, ling cod, rockfish and a wide assortment of sea stars at this site, which is located one mile south of Richmond Beach (about 3 miles south of Edmonds).  This site is well marked on NOAA chart # 18466 as an Obstruction Fish Haven.


Location:   GPS coordinates   47 45.06' N   122  23.15' W           MAP
Depth:  45 - 75'      Hazards:  Current, Boat traffic, Depth.