Dalco Wall

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Just off of Dalco Point at the South tip of Vashon island is a Stark, Deep wall of eroded glacial sandstone that will lure divers to come back to dive this site time several times.   The top of the wall typically runs only 35' deep, with lots of areas to explore at the end of your dive and during your safety stop.

The wall is scoured by the currents heading into the narrows, so doesn't support a lot of large critters, but is full of magnificent columns, small caves and undercuts that will reveal a host of interesting sites when illuminated with a dive light.

The Sculpin and Gunnel in the photo to the left watched the passing divers with interest ( click on any photo for a larger version of the same picture).   We saw lots of fish and huge shrimp peering out at us from the many holes riddling Dalco Wall.

  We also found larger critters, like wolf eels and octopus hiding in the larger holes, but this site is particularly well suited to find the smaller critters, that hide in the thousands of holes dug in the wall by the horse neck clams ( photo to the right ).

Hundreds of brave Sculpins hang out on the wall, so well camouflaged, that they will not move until you physically touch their tail, and then they only swim a foot or two before settling down again.  We watched one comical character that kept striking the bubbles from a diver below us whenever another silvery bubble floated by on its way to the surface.




The wall hit's a shelf-like bottom at about 110' before dropping off into the abyss once again.  Our boat captain assured us ( with a grin and a wink ) that if you dropped down to the bottom of the deeper wall, you would surely see the lights from the move, "The Abyss".  I preferred to stay above that depth and concentrate on the little critters that hang out in the cracks and crevices, like the orange sea cucumber in the photo to the left.