Sedco Forex

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What happened during those 13 1/2 years on all of those rigs?  Most of that was spent working 28 days on, 28 days off on Semi-Submersible Drilling Units like the one pictured here.

mauib.gif (96025 bytes)This is the Sedco 702 in New Zealand, doing Tender Assisted Drilling for Shell.   The 702 was Scott's baby for most of his career with Sedco Forex, and he's the one that parked the rig next to the Platform (Maui B) and backed it into position (50' away).   Then the gangway was lowered, and the crew went to work.  (the 702 is the rig on the right, the Maui B platform on the left is stationary).

The rig spent about a year and a half in New Zealand, but also worked in Africa, Australia, California, Malaysia/Brunei, South America and the Gulf of Mexico.

Scott also worked on the Sedco 601, 602, 703, 712 and the Pentagone (sic) 82.