Honors?  What Honors?

I know this is hard to believe, but Scott was actually a pretty good student at F.I.T.   It was probably all that time on those rigs that "changed" his personality a bit.  Here's a few of those so-called "honors" for those of you that must know:

bulletPresident, Blue Key Honor Society, F.I.T.
bulletExecutive Board, Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity
bulletDean's List (all 4 years)
bulletWho's Who among American Universities
bulletGraduated "with honors" (high GPA)


What about after the oilfield "altered" him a bit:rig.gif (33534 bytes)

bulletOne of the youngest captains Sedco Forex ever promoted.
bulletMaster of Colum Stabilized Drilling Vessels (USCG - any Ocean)
bulletMaster of Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (Liberia)
bulletCertified Crane Operator (ABS)   
bulletMicrosoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

There's more, but I hate scrolling!  That's Scott, getting "altered" by a rig in Thailand.