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Adirondack Water Ski Chairs

One of our more fun summer projects sprang from a friend's comment that she saw lots of old wooden water skis for sale at the garage sales she went to.  We asked her to pick up a few pairs, and I decided to see if I could build a couple of Adirondack chairs for the dock out of them.  I think they turned out rather well, and are both quite comfortable.  I put a few coats of Varnish on them to help then survive our usually wet weather, but I'm sure I'll have to touch them up frequently.

If you are interested in building a set of these chairs, I essentially followed the New Yankee Workshop version of an Adirondack chair, and simply replaced the arm with the tail section of one pair of skis, and used the tip sections of 3 or 4 skis to do the backs.  I also cut the back legs out of the mid-body section of some home-made, plywood skis.  Most of the skis were purchased for about $1 - $3 per pair.

The seat slats, front legs, and stretchers are all cut from 1" by 6" Cedar.  The picture isn't really very good, but the right ski actually still has the fins attached to the bottom side of the arm rests.  They are fun to build, and fun to hang out in with a cold drink after a strenuous pull around the Lake.

Good Luck!