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Boydski's latest woodworking project was to build a beautiful Figured Walnut Oval Table for the Front Room.  A simple phone call to Northwest Timber explaining what I was building, and a gorgeous slab of figured 5/4 Walnut showed up via UPS the next day.  I was able to build the top of the table out of a single slab of walnut.

Cutting the Oval ( actually an ellipse ) shape to the top was a challenge, so I basically used a string and a pencil ( with two nails ) to create a template on some hardboard, and then rough-cut the Walnut on the Bandsaw, before flush trimming it to the pattern with my Router Table.  The Ellipse measures 24" by 19", even though the perspective of the photo at the left makes it look round.  ( Please click on either photo for a larger version ).




I tried a new finish on this table, using a mixture of Spar Varnish and Watco Dark Walnut oil, wet sanding the wet Varnish into the grain.  This worked very well, producing a slurry that fills the pores of the wood, and eventually produced a mirror-like glossy finish on the table.

This finish was inspired by an article in Issue 157 of Fine Woodworking, and can also be found on the Fine Woodworking web site titled, "An easy, Durable Finish."