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Home Theater

Mahogany Audio-Video Cabinets

A recent layoff ( about a month ) gave me a little extra time this winter, so I decided to build some new cabinets to house all of the Home Theater and Audio Equipment that we had accumulated after we remodeled the Family Room into a Home Theater.  I ordered a little over 100 board feet of Mahogany from Edensaw Woods in Port Townsend ( great people to work with ) a built a trio of Cabinets.

The Left side cabinet houses our Audio Equipment ( CD Players, Multi-Room Receiver, Tape, etc. ).  The cabinet is all flat panel construction, using 1/2" Mahogany Plywood for the Panels, 1/4" Mahogany Plywood for the backs, and solid mahogany for the rest of the cabinet.

The glass doors were cut and polished from 1/4" Bronze Glass Plate, and utilize Snap Closing Glass Door Hinges, so I don't have to use a Magnetic Catch ( I've never been happy with the way they work).

The Right Side cabinet houses all of our Vide Equipment ( AV Receiver, DVD Player, HDTV Satellite Receiver, DVHS tape, etc.).  It is made the same as the left cabinet, but is a mirror image.  I trimmed the tops and the moldings flush on the Left side of the cabinet so it would fit snugly up against our 65" HDTV.

In the back of the room, I built a large cabinet, with 4 drawers to hold our DVD's and CD's.  The top cabinet will soon be fitted with a wine rack that holds 80 bottles, so we have a place to store our Red Wine.  I added a pair of cabinet lights to the interior, and a door switch, so the light automatically comes on when the doors are opened.  The sides and doors are typical flat-panel construction.  All three cabinets were finished with mixture of Varnish and Danish Oil.  About 3 coats were applied with a rag, and the final two coats were applied using an applicator  pad ( which produces a beautiful, smooth finish ).

Click on any of the above pictures for a larger version of the same picture.