San Juan Islands Underwater Photo Gallery

Clown2.512 decowarbonnetfacea DSC_00291 DSC_0035 DSC_0050
Clown Nudibranch warbonnet face Kelp Greenling Painted Anemone Red Gunnel
KingCrab1.512 KingCrab2.512 longfinsculpin1 longfinsculpin2 Mosshead1
King Crab 1 King Crab 2 longfin sculpin 1 longfin sculpin 2 Mosshead 1
Mosshead3 purplenudi spongewarbonnet1 versacolor versacolorfinger
Mosshead 3 purple nudi sponge warbonnet Diversicolor Diversicolorfinger

The San Juan Islands provide awesome diving and incredible photo opportunities.  Every square inch is covered with bright and colorful life.  Above are just a few photos taken on a weekend trip to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in Washington State.

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