hammerhead shark decorated warbonnet

Gallery 3

  Stimpson's Sea Star  

  Solaster Stimpsoni

These Sun Stars are very Carnivorous and are often found fighting over food, or eating other starfish.  They grow to about 20" in diameter.


  Cookie Sea Star 

 Usually found fairly deep, slow moving.

  Dawson's Sea Star 

  Solaster Dawsoni

These highly predatory sun stars prey on other Sea Stars.


  Fish Eating Sea Star 

  Stylasterias forreri

These sea stars have very long arms and sharp spines.  They get their name from their habit of capturing small fish such as Gobies and Sculpins for their meals.

  Feather Sea Star 

Here growing on the Radar Station of the HMCS Saskatchewan, Feather Stars are common, and although related to Sea Stars are actually from the Class Crinoidea rather than the Class Asteroidea.