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The Wreck of the Barbara G

The Barbara G is a really nice, shallow wreck dive,Steering Quadrant of the Wreck of the Barbara G located just off the end of the Harper Fishing Pier (an old Ferry Dock).  The 65 foot long wood hulled fishing boat sank during the Inauguration Day storm on January 20th, 1993.  A navigation line has been run from the cluster of pilings off the end of the fishing pier to the wreck of the Barbara G to help shore divers locate the wreck easily. 

Shore access to this site is via a small two or three car parking lot next to the pier, scramble down the rock wall and then swim out past the end of the pier to the cluster of pilings (Dolphins) and follow the line about 100' North to the Barbara G, which sits in only thirty feet of water.    There is also another very small sailboat located a bit closer to pilings.

Of course, if you have a boat, then save yourself the long surface swim and dive the Barbara G from your boat.  Launch your boat at the very nice, free ramp at Manchester and have a pleasant dive on this wonderful wreck.  Because this site is so shallow, there is lots of light, and the visibility around the fishing pier is generally pretty good.  There are also numerous other good dive sites in the area, so make it a dive day and hit two or three dive sites.

The rudder and steering quadrant are still standing in place on the wreck and numerous rockfish and nudibranchs can be found hiding  amongst the rotting ribs of the wood hull.  The mast and crow's nest have fallen over onto the bottom and numerous bits and pieces of the boat's rigging can still be found scattered amongst the wreckage.  An old toilet sits below some steel combing, looking like it is still ready to be used. 

A large steel fuel tank sits forlornly in the hold of the Barbara G, playing host now to lots of colorful critters.  Those familiar with fishing boats will recognize lots of plumbing, holding tanks, winches and blocks still visible in the mud which is slowly reclaiming the wreck.


Location:  Just off the end of the dock at the Harper Fishing Pier      Approximate location
Depth:  30'      Hazards:  Not much.