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Nudibranch Photos from the Pacific Northwest.

Nudibranchs ( Sea Slugs ) are some of the more beautiful creatures we encounter as divers.  They are really just snails without shells.  The photos below represent some of the more common specimens we encounter.

Clown Nudibranch chlamyllanudibranch dendrotusrufus flabillinanobilis Dendronotus Diversicolor
Clown Nudibranch Flabalina Nobilis Red Dendronotid Flabillina Fusca Diversicolor
giantnudi goldendirona1 HudsonDorid lgnudi1 Purple Phase of White Lined Dirona
Giant nudibranch Golden Dirona Hudson's Dorid Giant Nudibranch Purple Dirona
nanaimodorid sandiegodorid sealemon1 stripednudi whitelinednudi
Nanaimo Dorid Sandiego Dorid Sea Lemon Striped nudibanch White lined dirona