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Whale Sharks

Shark Pictures

Sharks are absolutely amazing creatures.  We've been very fortunate to dive SixGill Shark, click for larger photowith and photograph several species of sharks in both the Pacific Northwest and the Galapagos Islands.

The Pacific Northwest is famous for the prehistoric Sixgill Shark, which hasn't changed since the Triassic period.  These deep water sharks rise up to diveable depths when the plankton blooms keep the light levels low enough to avoid blinding their light sensitive eyes.

Local divers also frequently run into the "little varmint" of the sea, the pesky Spiny dogfish shark.  They like to buzz divers, and I've had them bump me a few times, which is un-nerving when you don't see them coming.

The Galapagos Islands are famous for its female Whale Sharks.  These gentle giants of the open ocean cruise the currents around Darwin Island filtering plankton from the rich waters there.  Whale Sharks should be on your "must see" list as a diver.

The Hammerhead sharks of the Galapagos are also incredible.  They are scared to death of divers, so you have to hold your breath and hide behind a rock to get close enough to take a pictures.  They do look a bit like someone made a mistake.

The Galapagos is also blessed with Galapagos Sharks, which can be very curious and cruise by mere inches away, and the Silky Shark, which at times is too aggressive and will bump or harass divers.