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Megalodon Rebreather Photos

I recently had the chance to go out diving with Click for larger Megalodon PhotoLeon Scamahorn and Steve Stolen from InnerSpace Systems to shoot some cold water photos of their Megalodon Rebreathers.   The Megalodon is arguably the best and most versatile rebreather in the world.  It was designed as a multi-function unit that is easily configured for a wide variety of missions, from cave and wreck diving to deep exploration.

The fact that the world's best rebreather is made just a few miles down the road in Centrailia is definitely a bonus for Pacific Northwest divers.  On a cold winter day, we dropped into Hood Canal, and found the visibility poor (~15')  for shooting pictures, but we had a great dive and did come back with a few good photos. 

Feel free to contact Scott Boyd or Leon Scamahorn if you need Megalodon Photos for publishing.  All photos by Scott Boyd, click on any image for a larger picture.

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Steve Stolen flying his Meg Rebreather.