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Anemone Photos

Anemones are very abundant in the cold, rich waters of our Emerald Sea.  They are also extremely beautiful, much like the flowers of the sea.  The frilled anemones are very hard to photograph as they are very white and very delicate, but are so amazing to watch waving in the surge and currents.

There are two primary species of Metridium Anemones that divers see in Puget Sound,  Metridium Giganteum and Metridium Senile.  Other common species include the Christmas or Painted Anemone and the Swimming Anemone.  Another odd anemone that divers run into is the Tube Dwelling Anemone, which builds a hard tube to hide in.

Articles on the individual species are available using the above links, or a small gallery of individual photos for help in identification can be found here.