Some of the critters that you are most likely to see when you dive in Puget Sound (besides FOG and RAIN) are your friendly neighborhood Wolf Eel! 

Doesn't it just look like a big cuddly puppy?, or is that a big puppet?  We often refer to them as Muppets!

Wolf eels are actually quite friendly, and have really bad eye sight, so be sure to keep your fingers out of the way!

This is actually the second  underwater picture that I ever snapped!  Pretty cool! I was amazed at how bright the picture turns out if you get just the right distance from the subject.

The MX-10 camera has a fixed focus, and visibility was in the 20' range for these photos.


Another very common Puget Sound critter that hangs around for divers is the Ling Cod.   They can even get a bit aggressive when they are guarding their eggs in the winter, but most will let a diver approach to within 2 - 3'.

Ling Cod can grow to almost 6' in length.