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Neah Bay Dive Sites

While diving in Neah Bay is not for the feint of heart due to the serious currents and ocean swell.  It is without a doubt, some of the best diving in the Pacific Northwest.  The visibility is usually fantastic and the diversity of life beneath the azure waters is simply stunning.

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Neah Bay Dive Sites

Andalusia (3).  An impressive Panamanian flagged Tramp Steamer that sank near Neah Bay in 1949 carrying a cargo of 5 million board feet of lumber.  This 7,700 ton freighter is twice the size of the Diamond Knot and is just covered with marine life.

Bag Bay, (2)This hidden bay just inside Cape Flattery features deep crevices filled with marine life and kelp.  A great place to hide out of the weather and enjoy an awesome dive.

Duncan Rock, (3).   The premier dive site off of Neah Bay.  Duncan Rock lies 2 miles NW of Cape Flattery, where it rises from the sea floor to just break the surface waters.  Constantly buffeted by the full force of the Juan de Fuca tidal currents, this highly sculpted dive site looks as if Picasso painted every square inch with amazing colors.    Loaded with stunning corals, sponges and colorful fish, this site tops Browning Wall for the big "Oh Wow" factor.

Mushroom Rock, (5).  Located about 1.4 miles east of Cape Flattery, the distinct shape of Mushroom Rock is well known to divers.   Below the water you'll find large rocks, fissures and kelp forests teaming with life.  We often spot lots of krill in the bay along with many Gray Whales.

Sea Lion Rock, Tatoosh Island, (1).  A popular hangout for Sea Lions, this site is usually not safe to dive, but if the Sea Lions are away, it features stellar underwater topography and beautiful scenerey.

Slant Rock, (6)Located 2 miles east of Cape Flattery, the rocky structure and swim throughs of this dive site are loaded with rockfish, corals, sponges and beautiful delicate basket stars.

Skagway Rock, (1).  Located 1 1/2 miles south of Tatoosh Island, this very exposed reef is loaded with life, but only safe to dive on calm days.

Tatoosh Island Caves, (2).  Located on the South Side of Tatoosh Island, this beautiful bay features several caves that you can swim through, lots of nudibranchs, kelp and kelp greenlings.

Third Beach (2).  A ridge running off the tip of third beach that is just loaded with marine life.

Waddah Island East, (5).  One of my favorite dives is just outside of Neah Bay on the East side of Waddah Island.  You'll see more varieties of rockfish on a single dive here than most divers see all summer!   We've also spotted Skates, Octopus and a pregnant Wolf Eel laying eggs at this site.

Waddah Island Fingers, (6).  Off the North End of Waddah Island are series of spur and grove rock formations called the "Fingers".  Swimming along the groves created by the rock will insure encounters with many of the areas amazing creatures, including China Rockfish, Tiger Rockfish and Canary Rockfish.


Boydski's Dive Statistics:
Total Number of Dives: 1000
Total Bottom time:   939 hours
Deepest dive - Lake Crescent (9/18/09) 330'
Longest dive - Nohoch Nah Chich  (5/10/10) 187 minutes (3:07)
Staged Decompression Dives 157
Cave Dives 109
Wreck Dives 237