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Sund Rock Photos

Every Dive we do at Sund Rock leaves a big smile on our faces.  It's easy to find the wolf eels and many other critters, as there is an amazing concentration of life around this Marine Preserve.

The moon snails and small critters are fun to watch during your safety stop.
  There are many, many different varieties of Sea Stars to be found ( commonly called "Starfish").
Keep your eyes open, and take your time.  You will be amazed at what you will find.  One of my favorite "little fish" are the hundreds of Gobies that you find on every dive.  These are about 5" long, and blend very well with their background, which often makes them hard to spot.
Contrary to what most warm water divers think, there are many colorful sponges and soft corals in these cold waters.
Orange and White Sea Cucumbers are vivid and brilliantly colored.  They are also quite abundant.
Sea Lemons, like this one, and Nudibranchs are also quite common ( if you keep your eyes open).


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