Squid Eggs Green Sea Turtle and White tipped Shark

Edmonds Underwater Park

Edmonds Underwater Park is probably the most popular dive A ling cod resting on the side of the De Lion Dry Dock at Edmonds Underwater Park.location in the Pacific Northwest.  It is shallow ( 35'), with very easy shore access provided via a nice park maintained by the city of Edmonds.  The site has restrooms and changing rooms as well as a fresh water shower for rinsing off divers and their gear.  Volunteer divers, lead by Bruce Higgins have placed an amazing assortment of diver enhancements in the underwater portion of the park, making this dive site worthy of several visits.

The Wrecks

There are a lot of wrecks that have been sunk in the park over the years, starting with the sinking of the Alitak on top of the wreck of the De Lion Dry Dock in 1972 and continuing at regular intervals.  For the Wreck diver in all of us, Edmonds underwater park is a great place to learn about wreck diving and to observe a wide variety of vessels in various states of deterioration as mother nature reclaims them.  For the critter watcher, the old wrecks are now artificial reefs and are just loaded with life.  You'll find colorful nudibranchs, schools of juvenile rockfish as well as massive ling cod and cabezon.

Here is a partial list of the wrecks we visited on our last dives at the park:

  • De Lion Dry Dock   325 foot long, sank in 1935 next to the ferry terminal
  • Alitak  94 foot long tug, sank on top of the dry dock in 1972
  • Fossil  sank in 1982
  • Molly Brown  sank in 1996
  • Triumph  70 foot long tug sank in 1999. 
  • H.R. JacksonWreck of the H.R. Jackson in Edmonds Underwater Park.
  • Cinclant
  • Genius
  • Cupid
  • Mesmerized
  • Glacey
  • Seabus
  • Melinda II

There is a large map, showing all of the amazing underwater features that is posted on the West wall of the restrooms/changing rooms.  It is kept up to date, and should be your first stop when planning your dives in the park.  On subsequent visits, stop by on Saturday's at 9 AM and give Bruce and the other volunteers a hand.  Help is always appreciated.