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Sund Rock Marine Preserve

Sund Rock is located in Hood Canal, just north of Hoodsport and is one of the premiere dive Mated Pair of Wolf Eels.  Click for larger image.sites in the Pacific Northwest.  Looking at my log book, one would get the impression that this is my favorite dive site, and that would be true.  I never get tired of diving this site, even over and over again for multiple days on a long weekend.

This site offers extremely easy access using a road onto Mr. Sund's property.  Pay at the Hoodsport N Dive dive shop and you can literally drive your car right up to the water's edge for the easiest shore entry and exit in our area.  There are several walls to dive at the site.  The North Wall is straight out from the access ramp, and always has a large number of wolf eels and octopus at the base of the wall in 60'-70' of water.

The South Wall is my favorite, offering a nice long leisurely wall dive that often exceeds an hour in length.  The top of the wall is about 30' and the bottom in the 60'+ range.  It takes over 30 minutes to swim along the base of the entire wall at a nice slow pace and about the same to return along the top of the wall. 

In large part due to the efforts of my Dive Club (the Kelp Krawlers), Sund Rock is now a Marine Sanctuary and is protected from fishing and harvesting of any type.  This has lead to an amazing explosion in the size and variety of marine life at the dive site.  Enjoy your dives there!

A large Octopus flowing down the wall.  Click for a larger image.For those of you that like to "go deep", you can easily hit 200'+ below either wall, and there are several deeper walls to visit.  Ask "Mike" at the shop for the deep wall locations, but stay out of the "middle area" of the site between the North and South Walls, which flattens out at about 165' below the fish pens. 

Underwater Photographers will love this site, which is excellent for both Wide Angle and Macro Photography.

For directions and access to the Sund Rock Marine Preserve, drive to Hoodsport N Dive, just North of Hoodsport on Hood Canal.  It will cost $15 for the key to the access road, which allows you to drive right up to the site.  You can literally walk 15' to the water, swim a few feet out, and drop down to the top of the wall ( 35' - 65' ).   The site comes highly recommended.