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Hood Canal Dive Sites

While diving in Hood Canal Sound can be a bit on the COLD side,  we have been enjoying the incredible diversity of fish and invertebrate life in these nutrient rich waters.  The extremely close encounters are fun, and the interaction with the larger critters are great.  Keep in mind that the visibility is much better in the Winter.

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Hood Canal Dives

Arrowhead (3).  Also called Fulton Reef Wall, this site is loaded with Octopus and Wolf Eeels.

Black Point, (4).  This hidden jewel lies just outside of the Pleasant Harbor Marina.  Great muck diving with interesting structure and lots of nudibranchs and other macro subject.

Boyd's Boulders (3).  A pair of HUGE boulders that are covered with life provide fascinating swim-throughs which lead down to a large bottle field that warrants further exploration.

DeWatto Wall (1).  BORING!   There is one lonely clouds sponge, lots of gravel and oyster shells.  Almost any other dive site in the Canal is better than DeWatto.

Don's Folly, Deep Pinnacle, (1).   Deep, dark and muddy pinnacle NE of Triton Cove.  It looks like there is a deep wall at about 200' on the North side, but we couldn't find it.

Elephant Wall (4).  A steep vertical wall just South of Flagpole Point.  About 80' at the base and loaded with Octopus and Wolf Eels.

Flagpole Point (17).  A long surface swim, but worth the effort, or an easy, awesome boat dive.  This site boasts lots of Cloud Sponges, wolf eels, sixgills, red brotula and large resident octopus that are almost always sitting out in the open.  My favorite dive site in Hood Canal.

Fulton Reef (3).  A great rocky reef structure with a nice vertical wall section.  Loaded with Octopus, wolf eels and nudibranchs. 

Jorsted Creek (5).  Near Lilliwaup, on Hood Canal.  Several small walls from 60 - 100' plus a shallow reef in 20 - 40'.  This site can get a bit of current during high tidal exchanges.  This site is much easier to do by boat.  GPS coordinates are 47 31' 57" North  123 02' 37" West.

Octopus Hole,(6) Hoodsport.  This is an easy Wall dive, full of nooks and crannies, great for beginners.   We've seen a playful seal that hangs out here.  Lots of brightly colored anemones, sponges, etc.   Plus Wolf Eels (at the top of the wall and Octopi (at the base of the wall)! 

Pinnacle, the Seamount in Hood Canal. (12)  One of my favorite dives in Hood Canal.  Swim around the site, pick your depth and explore all the small caves and fissures, which are teaming with life.

Pulali Point (8).  There are three different dive sites at Pulali.  The West wall is my favorite with the South fingers my second favorite.  Nice Rock Structure with many nooks and crannies to explore. Lots of Octopus and sunning harbor seals. 

Rosie's Ravine and Goby Garden (10).  Broken rock shelf loaded with invertebrates, next to a deep ravine.  Great macro photography.

Scott's Folly (1).  Don thought it was only fair that my 180' dive on a big lump of clay should see the light of day as well.  Oops!

Sponge Hill (3).   Awesome dive site just outside of Triton Cove.  Hundreds of cloud sponges everywhere you look. 

Sund Rock (64).  This is a great dive just North of Hoodsport on Hood Canal.  Stop by Hoodsport N Dive, pay $15 and they'll give you the key to access the site so you have NO SURFACE SWIM!  They also rent Sea and Sea Cameras out (and provide Nitrox/Air fills).   We saw several mated pairs of Wolf Eels, an Octopus with egg clusters, Ling Cod with eggs, dozens of Nudibranchs and even Salmon and Seals. 


Boydski's Dive Statistics:
Total Number of Dives: 1000
Total Bottom time:   939 hours
Deepest dive - Lake Crescent (9/18/09) 330'
Longest dive - Nohoch Nah Chich  (5/10/10) 187 minutes (3:07)
Staged Decompression Dives 157
Cave Dives 109
Wreck Dives 237